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Capability Statement
Product Safety

Accreditations and Certifications

  • Testing Laboratory: ACCREDIA certificate of compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
  • Quality: certification of compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Policy: certification of compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Environmental Efficiency: certification of compliance with EMAS Regulation UE 2017/1505
  • Workers’ Health and Safety: certification of compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Workers’ Health and Safety: certification of compliance with UNI EN ISO 45001:2018
  • Energy: certification of compliance with UNI EN ISO 50001:2011
  • Training: Training Agency accreditation
  • Corporate Responsibility: adoption of Leg. Decree 231/2001 organizational Model

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  • Sponsorship CEPI: the Confederation of European Paper Industries
  • Technical partner of ASSOCARTA and ATICELCA
  • Member of PITA: the Paper Industry Technical Association of UK
  • Member of PACKBRIDGE: the European cluster for innovation in the Packaging Industry
  • Sponsorship in many events for the packaging and paper industry at European level


  • University of Udine - Italy
  • University of Pisa - SPIN PET material sciences
  • University of Ferrara - Cosmetology Center
  • University of Bangkok - Faculty of Agro-Industry


  • Technical Commission UNI/CT 008 – Paper
  • European Technical Committees (CEN) TC 172/WG3 – Analytical methods for the assesment of P&B in contact with foodstuffs
  • CEN/TC 172/WG2: Paper and board for recycling
  • ISO TC6: Paper, board and pulps
  • ECOLABEL for paper or tissue products
  • FEDERCHIMICA – Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry – FCMs Working Group
  • Italian Institute of Packaging (cosmetics, NIAS, etc.)
  • FREP – Food contact Regulatory Expert Panel, for plastics

    • Manufacturers
    • Importers
    • Distributors
    • Retailers

    • Food contact materials and articles
    • Food processing equipment and machinery
    • Raw materials, packaging and containers, kitchenware and tableware
    • Products for contact with body/skin

    • Paper&Board
    • Plastics
    • Metals
    • Glass
    • Ceramics
    • Wood

    • Chemical
    • Microbiological
    • Sensory


Food Contact


Europe - National specific measures:

  • Germany - BfR Recommendations XXXVI, XXXVI/1, XXXVI/2 and XXXVI/3 (Preamble, Raw materials, Production aids, Special Paper refining agents, Preconditions for the use of recycled fibres);
  • Italy - D.M. 21/03/1973 as subsequently amended and supplemented: Purity and Composition requirements;
  • France - Décret n° 2007-766 and Fiche MCDA n°4 (V02 – 01/01/2019) Aptitude au contact alimentaire des matériaux organiques à base de fibres végétales destinés à entrer en contact avec des denrées alimentaires.
  • China - GB 4806.8—2016 National Food Safety Standard. Papers, Paperboard Materials and its Articles for Food Contact and other relevant standards;
  • U.S. - Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Code of Federal Legislation (CFR) - 21 CFR 176 and other relevant parts.
Groups of tests:

Microbiological tests:

  • Enumeration of bacteria and bacterial spores;
  • Yeasts and moulds;
  • Pathogens (es: Salmonella spp., Staphylococci coagulase positive, Clostridia – spores and vegetative forms).

Screening tests - NIAS:

  • Head Space GC-MS screening tests (semiquantitative);
  • SPME GC-MS screening (semiquantitative);
  • GC-MS screening tests after solvent extraction (semiquantitative);
  • GC-MS screening tests after contract with MPPO;
  • Metals;
  • Set-Off studies.

Sensory tests:

  • Odour;
  • Off-flavour.

Determination of MOSH and MOAH:

  • Total content and migration.

Specific substances:

  • Phthalates;
  • Bisphenol A (BPA);
  • Photoinitiators;
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH);
  • Primary Aromatic Amines (PAA);
  • Fluorinated compounds;
  • Solvents;
  • Biocides;
  • Phenol compounds and other substances related to raw materials (inks, adhesives, coatings).

Other services:

  • Analytical methods design&development;
  • Migration testing, worst case calculations, modelling, screening tests.


  • Food contact regulatory services;
  • Consultancy on Reg. (CE) n° 2023/2006 Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP:
    • GAP Analysis;
    • Implementation and maintenance of the GMP system;
    • Supply chain auditing and internal auditing;
    • Support in issuing relevant Declaration of Compliance;
    • Risk Assessment and Management;
    • Training;
  • Implementation, maintenance and auditing of voluntary product quality certifications (such as BRC, IFS);
  • UPDATING SERVICES: In-depth review of the latest European and national legislation for Paper & Board and Plastics;
  • TRAINING: On technical and regulatory topics.

Other than Food Contact


  • Guidelines for Evaluating Sanitary Papers: Tissue paper, wich come in direct contact with the human body;
  • Patch tests: Evaluation of skin reaction;
  • Safety of toys:
    • DIRECTIVE 2009/48/CE of 18th June 2009 on the safety of toys;
    • EN 71-3. Safety of toys – Part 3: Migration of certain elements;
    • EN 71-9. Safety of toys – Part 9: Organic chemical compounds. Requirements.
  • Determination of the substances of very high concern (SVHC): Reach Regulation;
  • ECOLABEL: Commission Decision (UE) 2019/70 of 11th January 2019 establishing the EU Ecolabel cri¬teria for graphic paper and the EU Ecolabel criteria for tissue paper and tissue products;
  • Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste and D.Lgs. 152/06 as amended: Determination of metals content (Chromium, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury).

  • Biodegradability: EN 1342: Packaging – Requirements for packaging;
  • Recyclability: UNI 11743:2019. Determination of parameters of recyclability of cellulose-based materials and products (NEW).


  • ECOLABEL: Implementation, maintenance and auditing;
  • Sustainability: Biodegradability and Recyclability.

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