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Certified compostability

The certified packaging sustainability provides you with new opportunities available in a fast-growing market.

Thanks to the compostability test, as qualified by TÜV Austria and performed in our laboratories, you can obtain the OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL label and thus certify your materials intended for food contact as compostable in an industrial plant.

More and more consumers are looking for products packed in eco-friendly materials: people are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their consumer choices. Offering proper solutions in terms of sustainability allows you to gain important market share while contributing to environment protection and people's health.


Offering eco-friendly packaging to consumers means meeting the requirements laid down in the European Packaging Directive 94/62/CE, namely that materials shall not turn into waste once their function is exhausted.

As shown in Directive 2008/98/CE , when you cannot prevent a material from reaching the end of life or running out of function, or when it cannot be reused as it is, the only remaining choices then are for such material to be recycled or recovered.

When properly processed in an industrial composting plant, the compostable packaging turns into a valuable material to be repurposed in agriculture as fertilizer, the so called compost, which perfectly fits again in the natural circle of life. Compostable products do not become a waste at the end of their life, thus representing a sustainable choice, increasingly appreciated by business and consumers.

& Seedling by TÜV Austria

TÜV Austria offers a solution through the OK compost INDUSTRIAL: the labelling guarantees that the packaging materials are biodegradable in an industrial composting plant, including components, inks and additives, on the basis of the requirements set in the UNI EN 13432:2002 standard and therefore according to Directive 94/62/CE as well.

Thanks to the partnership with European Bioplastics, this ecolabelling is granted with the added value of the Seedling certification of the compost quality, ensuring the total absence of negative effects on the environment.

The OK Compost INDUSTRIAL and Seedling certifications ensure that the packaging is compliant with the standards and provisions of the certification body in terms of biodegradability and compostability requirements, thus enabling its quality recognition in Europe. In other words, they are a valid certificate of eco-sustainability that is able to guide consumers towards more responsible choices and, therefore, to enhance the products that can boast of them.

Compostability test

The required tests aim at determining the packaging compostability according to the European standard UNI EN 13432:2002, which defines the needed characteristics for a material to decompose during an industrial composting process.
Such tests enable the organization to obtain the OK Compost INDUSTRIAL and Seedling certifications.


Chemical tests that determine the product content of heavy metals, fluorine and volatile solids.


It measures the capability of the packaging, or its components, to be converted into carbon dioxide by microorganisms, in order obtain that a min¬imum 90% of the organic carbon is converted in carbon dioxide within 6 months of starting the test. The test is performed accord¬ing to the standard EN ISO 14855-1:2012.


The test evaluates how the packaging disintegrates under test scale composting conditions for a maximum of 12 weeks. At the end of the test, at least the 90% of the original test material shall pass through a 2 mm fraction sieve, according to the standard ISO 16929:2019.


The test evaluates the negative effects on the compost coming from the disintegration test by using the standard OECD 208:2006 (as modified according to Annex E of EN 13432). Ecotoxic effects on 2 higher plants shall be evaluated by comparing two composts: one produced with the addition of packaging material and the other produced without that.
The germination rate and the plant biomass of the sample com¬posts of both plant species should be higher than 90 % compared with those from the corresponding blank compost.

Sustainable and certified packaging

The sustainability of packaging is one of the most important criteria that drives consumers’ choices.
Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their behaviour and companies have an opportunity to gain market share by addressing consumers’ concerns and offering sustainable solutions.


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Let your packaging be certified as compostable!

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