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Health and Safety Consulting: our services

Assistance in the event of accidents

  • Assistance following occupational accidents and diseases
  • Appointment as technical expert for parties in criminal and civil proceedings
  • Assistance to the company’s legal counsel for defence activities in criminal and civil proceedings

Risk assessment document

  • Fire and explosive atmosphere risk
  • Work at height
  • Manual and mechanical handling and ergonomics
  • Internal/external road systems and safety signs
  • Chemical, biological, carcinogenic and asbestos hazard
  • Monitoring of workplace pollutants
  • Noise, vibrations, electromagnetic fields and optical radiations
  • Confined areas
  • Microclimate
  • Electrical risk
  • Work-related stress
  • Other risks (alcohol and drugs, use of video terminals, pregnancy, night work, business travel, etc.)
  • Assistance in defining improvement plans
  • Assistance in choosing personal protection equipment
  • Machines, plants and equipment
  • Risk assessment document in relation to production activities and hazards, taking into account differences in gender, age and provenance from other countries
  • Specific training

Contracts and worksites

  • Assistance in choosing personal protection equipment
  • Contract management (selection of contractors, document checking)
  • Preparation of DUVRI (Unified Interference Risk Assessment Document)
  • Assistance for activities related to the worksite directive (Title IV, Italian Leg. Decree 81/08)
  • Appointment as Design and Work Execution Coordinator
  • Assistance in drawing up Safety and Coordination Plans (SCP)
  • Assistance in drawing up Safety Operational Plans (SOP)

Chemical substances

  • Obligations provided for by ADR directive
  • Assistance for application of Reach and CLP regulations
  • Checking of chemical product management conformity
  • Drafting of safety sheets for chemical products


  • Assistance in organising the company prevention and protection service
  • Appointment as external Safety Manager
  • Assistance in implementing occupational health and safety management systems in compliance with OHSAS 18001 standard, UNI INAIL guidelines or other management systems
  • Assistance in implementing the organisation model in compliance with Italian Leg. Decree 231/01
  • Assistance in drawing up the emergency and evacuation plan
  • Assistance in drawing up the improvement plan
  • Assistance in drawing up work procedures
  • Auditing on structures, work environments, plants, machines and equipment to check compliance with specific regulations, including the issue of descriptive reports and indication of any improvement actions that need to be taken

Fire prevention

  • Drafting of fire prevention projects pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree 151/2011
  • Sworn appraisals, inspection requests and SCIA (Certified Notice of Commencement of Works) pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree 151/2011
  • Assistance for certification regarding the periodic renewal of fire safety compliance
  • Sworn appraisal, testing and certification of plants and structures for fire prevention and protection purposes
  • Preparation of emergency plans
  • Personnel training through our accredited agency
  • Assistance in evacuation drills

Machine and plant safety

  • Machine and plant check-up
  • Definition of technical specifications regarding the implementation of safety measures for machinery and assistance while performing such safety measures
  • Assistance for the implementation of safety measures for machines and plants
  • Assistance for the application of the machine directive
  • Assistance for machinery installation and start-up
  • Technical testing and appraisals

Waste classification

  • Basic waste characterisation
  • Definition of analytical profile
  • Performance of chemical tests/li>
  • Data assessment and assignment of “h” codes
  • ADR classification
  • Drawing up of final report
  • Transport safety consulting and training
  • Operators' health and safety
  • REACH application for recovered substances

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