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Together with us, for a better world.

Ecol Studio is a company specialising in: laboratory analysis, consultancy on Environment and Health and Safety.
Today, it has a team of over two hundred motivated and experienced collaborators, united by a mission: to create the basis for a safer and better world for all of us and for future generations.
Fitting into our mindset of constant growth, we are looking for people who are prepared, enthusiastic and in line with our mission.


Discover careers in Ecol Studio


University graduates in technical-scientific disciplines, with cross-sectional skills: ability to work as a team, organisational and problem-solving skills.


Chemical expert or Degree in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry, knowledge of SMEs, emissions monitoring system.


Graduates in Engineering, Chemistry, Geology for specific consultancy or with experienced organisational secretariat for the training area.


Legal (degree in law), IT (degree in computer science), Administration (diploma in accountancy or degree in economics), Human Capital (degree in psychology), Regulation Updating (diploma), Communication and Marketing (degree in Communication and/or Marketing)


Are you a high school graduate, brilliant, dynamic and eager? Or a university graduate looking for a stimulating environment that will help you grow? Do you recognise yourself in the skills and professionalism of Ecol Studio's career paths? Send us your spontaneous application!



What our collaborators say about Ecol Studio

  • Martina Rosellini

    Head of Logistics

    “In Ecol Studio there is collaboration from everyone and total exchange of ideas, common support in helping each other. It's not an easy environment to find, so you work well.”

  • Marco Ridolfi

    Chemical Sampler

    “I really believe in the ethical values that we have.”

  • Paola Mucini

    Management Support

    “Confronting others is always a great opportunity for growth.”

  • Niccola Michelucci

    Production Manager Health and Safety

    “You never lose: either you win or you learn. With humility, passion and enthusiasm you will surely win.”

  • Klizia Lipparelli

    Customer Contact

    “I do my daily work because I believe in it. Because I like working at Ecol Studio!”

  • Stefano Rugani

    Contact Microbiology Production

    “They are all always supportive. To grow professionally and also personally, but as a company too.”

  • Sara Tabucchi

    Technical Area Manager

    “The strength of Ecol Studio is the people. In Ecol Studio you will always find someone who helps you, who gives you a smile, who allows you to work well. We're really good together.”

  • Sara Ciampi

    Administrative Operator

    “The thing that struck me the most since working here is the humility and humanity. I'm lucky enough to work with highly-trained colleagues who can convey a passion and desire to work.”


    What our customers say about Ecol Studio

    • Gida S.p.A.

      Simone Ferretti

      General Manager

      “With Ecol Studio we share principles and values and have embarked on a career path to important growth. We have found a partner who has brought concrete value to Gida. I like to say that 1+1 makes 11 and between Ecol Studio and Gida, that’s just the way it happened!”

      Waste & Reclamation Sector

    • Martini&Rossi, Bacardi Group

      Roberto Icardi

      HS Manager

      “We have been collaborating with Ecol Studio for some years. Its strong point is undoubtedly the innovative approach related to Health and Safety: the HS projects and solutions proposed are always brilliant and effective, able to capture the interest and attention of colleagues.”

      Sector: Beverage

    • PCMC Italia

      Sergio Casella


      “Ecol Studio is a highly reliable partner! It carries out procedures related to increasingly complex legislation for our company. Knowing that we can count on Ecol Studio means we can sleep soundly! This is essential for Directors who, like me, are responsible for these procedures”.

      Metal&Machinery and Paper Sector

      Loves Awards: merit-based award ceremony

      The "Loves Awards" project was created in 2016 during our Corporate Convention and is growing as a project to acknowledge the commitment, passion and professionalism of Ecol Studio's employees.

      Voting takes place twice a year through an anonymous survey, and each employee has the opportunity to give their vote to the colleague they believe has distinguished themselves most for at least one of our core values.

      The awards ceremony is carefully studied and designed according to the employee's profile and is a precious moment of sharing, satisfaction and celebration.

      Knowpeople: Wishes Survey

      At Ecol Studio we give voice to the needs and desires of the people who work with us every day and do their utmost to contribute to the common goal of creating a "better world"

      Knowpeople, a great project of Human Capital, sees all the people of Ecol Studio as protagonists. The project, inaugurated in January 2018 with a survey called "Needs & Desires Analysis", took shape with subsequent personal interviews between the Human Capital Contact and the people of Ecol Studio

      We gave voice to their needs and invited everyone to think about the Ecol Studio of the future and what they would like to see. Discovering that the strength of Ecol Studio comes from preparation, competence, enthusiasm and collaboration among colleagues is concrete proof of how much Ecol Studio cares about its Human Capital.

      Ecoliamo: Inter-company information and internal communication in Ecol Studio.

      Ecoliamo is the official tool for internal communication, created to convey current and planned initiatives.

      The goal is to strengthen team spirit through information and sharing of news of various kinds regarding working life in Ecol Studio. What happens in the company. New tasks. New Perspectives. Activities and projects aimed at our goal of improving the world and a column aimed at personal growth. Telling what we are able to do outside Ecol Studio: social and community initiatives and significant projects developed with our clients and their important results. Our people, their contribution, what they do in the company and in their free time. We chat with each other and introduce ourselves.

      Alternating school work

      Every year Ecol Studio hosts students from scientific and technical institutes for dual training school-work alternation projects.

      Students from the third and fourth classes have the opportunity to be supported by experienced operators and to learn the unique experience of the analysis laboratory first-hand.

      From 2018, the project has been extended to include school co-education activities in the field of health and safety and visits to our laboratories.

      About Ecol Studio

      Since 1982 Ecol Studio has been a strategic partner for companies and supports the growth of its customers in the implementation of policies aimed at sustainable development, offering innovative, customised products and punctual solutions with high added value.

      The 200 plus people at Ecol Studio are committed every day, with passion, following three fundamental principles: ethics, customer satisfaction and the pursuit of excellence. Everyone at Ecol Studio works to make, through the virtuous actions of customers, the world better and help ensure a sustainable future for the new generations.


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