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The Ecol Studio labs

Ecol Studio's laboratories are equipped with advanced instrumentation and innovative technologies. Thanks to specialised professionals, we are able to ensure efficiency in a short time and meet the different needs of our customers.



Chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of water intended for human consumption; natural, waste and process water; groundwater, surface water and swimming pool water. Legionellosis risk assessment and drafting of the relative auto-testing plan. Determining the toxicity of an exhaust pipe. The choice of parameters to be analysed depends on the legislative disciplines of reference or the technical requirements to be met. Our staff can assist in the management and development of biological and chemical-physical purification plants.


Chemical and microbiological tests according to the reference standards for solid matrices, including sludge for use in agriculture and compost. Analysis for classification, recovery, landfill disposal and characterisation. Complete technical support: study of the production cycle and the nature of the sample, choice of the analytical profile of the waste, assessment of the hazardousness and possible assignment of the hazard classes. Our technicians participate in specific Working Groups and Training Courses that are always updated on the Standards, Methods and Guidelines in publication.


Monitoring, analysis, verification and testing of plants for the control of emissions into the atmosphere and of pollutants in conveyed gas flows. Controls on continuous emission monitoring systems (IAR, Linearity and Calibration of in situ instruments with indirect reading) and quality assurance according to UNI EN 14181 (QAL2, AST and QAL3). Preparation of management manuals for the atmospheric emission monitoring system (EMS). Monitoring of air pollutants in the workplace and control of air quality in outdoor environments. Our teams also check the state of preservation of asbestos roofing and structures and the concentration of airborne dispersed asbestos fibres.


Predicted noise impact assessments using modelling software, noise, climate and passive noise requirements. Diffusion weather studies with modelling software to calculate the impact of pollutants and odours. Risk assessments for noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields, artificial optical radiation, microclimate, lighting and ATEX classification in the workplace. The Physical Agents area works for the health and safety of workers and the protection of the environment. We use Competent Technicians in Environmental Acoustics and collaborate closely with the Consulting Department.


Chemical and microbiological analyses in compliance with Italian and member state regulations on safety and conformity for paper products produced and marketed in Italy and abroad, for all types of industry and for large-scale distribution. In-depth and specific know-how on paper and cardboard articles and on the relative production processes of which peculiarities and criticalities are known. Our technicians are members of UNI's technical committee "CARTA", are present in ASSOCARTA and have chaired several ECOLABEL technical committees in the EU.


Specific tests to assess and investigate possible packaging-food interactions, including the production stage (food machinery). Highly-trained technicians, many of whom are members of the National Professional Association AIBO - Food Contact Expert, carry out the tests according to mandatory regulations. Special attention to the Risk Assessment based on the real conditions of use of the product, the technology of materials and information from industry categories and the international warning system.


Evaluation of microbiological parameters on food and beverages, buffers in workplaces related to the food sector and workplaces in general. Gluten research in food. Audits, elaboration of auto-testing plans and ongoing assistance in the HACCP field.


Sustainability of materials and articles that come in contact with food is now increasing in the top ranking of features that led the consumers’ choices. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental impacts and companies have an opportunity to gain market share by addressing consumer concerns.
Ecol Studio supports you in developing your strategy for sustainability by assessing your products. Reliable information and test reports about compostability and biodegradability, as well as recyclability, of your paper products build up a solid base for communication to your customers and for design, research and development of your range of products.


Ecol Studio is one of the leading organisations specialising in Food Contact related testing, consultancy and training for the paper and board, plastics and other food contact materials and articles industry! For over 36 years Ecol Studio has been serving more than 200 clients across Europe. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the whole supply chain, our expert technical staff are able to propose specific and valuable solutions to product Safety issues in line with the needs of the business operators.
The competence of Ecol Studio staff ensures access to up to date knowledge of current and upcoming regulations. This competitive advantage enables you to protect your brand identity and to encourage sustainable business growth in such a complex and dynamic context as the Food Contact materials and articles.

The Ecol Studio analysis laboratories are Accredia certified in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

Ecol Studio laboratories has a flexible scope of accreditation.
What are its benefits?

The flexible scope accreditation allows us to better meet our customers’ needs and, at the same time, to deal with the new methods that must be developed in the laboratory.
The lists of accredited tests are available on the ACCREDIA website: the tests with flexible scope accreditation are indicated under the wording "Flexible scope", with a generic description of the accreditation regarding the materials/matrices/test products. The specific tests inserted by the laboratory are indicated as "Related Tests".


The Ecol Studio Staff

Ecol Studio's areas of expertise are constantly evolving and, thanks to a continuous updating of skills and commitment to research and development, our professionals are able to experiment, find new solutions, new tests and new methods to respond in a targeted and effective manner to the needs of customers.

For the specificity of the testing offered and the high quality standards required, highly competent personnel operates within all sectors of the laboratory, staff with university degrees in chemistry, physics, biology, biotechnology, agronomy, toxicology, coordinated by qualified professionals in verifying the conformity of analytical data with national regulations in force.

Continuous training

Ecol Studio provides training and continuous updating of its staff to ensure maximum results: our technicians over time have acquired distinctive skills in their areas of reference, follow specific training courses on instrumentation and analytical methods and participate in working groups to be always up to date on legislative issues, methods and guidelines in publication.

Personnel, called upon to express opinions and declarations of conformity, always keeps up-to-date with regulatory developments and is enriched by considerable experience in the field.


Cutting-edge tools

The advanced level of instrumentation used in the laboratories makes it possible to make the most of the new opportunities offered by technological innovation.

Calibration and maintenance of the instruments are carried out in accordance with the technical reference standards and recommendations of the control body (Accredia certified tests).

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