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Sludge, Soil and Waste sector

The Sludge, Soil and Waste (SSW) sector carries out a wide range of tests on solid matrices and analyses for their classification and characterisation.
The SSW sector carries out active carbon characterisation tests according to CEFIC methods and tests for determining the potential dynamic respiration index (PDRI) of compost.

The Sludge, Soil and Waste sector performs tests on the following matrices

  • Compost
  • Soil
  • Sludge
  • Waste from waste water treatment plants
  • Waste from incinerators
  • RDF (refuse-derived fuel)
  • Paper mill pulper waste
  • Active carbons
  • Waste from construction and demolition activities
  • Paper mill sludge
  • Dredging sludge, etc.
  • Liquid waste
  • Sediments


The main regulatory framework for the Sludge, Soil and Waste sector is reported below:

  • Waste classification pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree, part four, as subsequently amended and supplemented, to Regulation (EU) No. 1357/2014 , to Decision (2014/955/EU), to Regulation (EU) 2017/997, to Regulation 1272/2008/EC (CLP) and subsequent ATPs.
  • Characterisation of soils pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 152/06, part four, annex 5, table 1A/B
  • Sludge reuse in agriculture according to Italian Leg. Decree 99/92
  • Characterisation of soil improvers pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 75/10
  • Assessment of possible recovery through a waste-to-energy plant using RDF and pulper waste or recovery using a simplified and/or ordinary waste procedure as referred to in Italian Ministerial Decree 5/2/98, as subsequently amended and supplemented
  • Acceptability in landfills pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree 27/09/2010, as subsequently amended and supplemented
  • Disposal of waste oils pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 392/1996
  • Slag and incinerators Italian Leg. Decree 46/2014 (Repeal of Italian Leg. Decree 133/2005)
  • Marine sediments - ICRAM-APAT 2007


  • Heaters
  • Scales
  • pH meters and conductivity metres
  • Microwave mineralisers
  • TOC-DOC to determine total and dissolved organic carbon
  • ICP -MS, ICP –OES and mercur
  • Calorimetric bomb
  • CHNS elementary analyser
  • Respirometers for potential/real dynamic respirometric index tests
  • HS, Purge and Trap, HPLC UV, single quadruple GC/MS, GC FID, GC ECD, LC QTOF and GC HRMS


Purchase of increasingly sophisticated equipment and ongoing staff training in order to set up analytical methods that meet our clients’ needs and the regulatory and scientific developments in the sector.


Sampling accredited according to uni 10802: for correct, expert & safe waste management!

Waste management has become an excessively high expense on the budget of many companies and the complications related to waste management often make life difficult for entrepreneurs, businesses and the protection of their brands.

Ecol Studio carries out check-ups at the client’s premises and analyses the production process in order to identify any sustainable solution that can be implemented, guaranteeing value and continuity to the company.

Our teams perform waste sampling by collecting solid matrices including waste, soil and industrial products, in compliance with UNI EN 10802 technical standard and with accreditation procedures.

Our main services include:

  • Collection of shares of materials and waste according to UNI 10802 standard, used for subsequent chemical tests.
  • Waste analysis and characterisation for granting suitability for landfill disposal or recovery.

Companies can contact us for a complete check-up so that we can check the situation of their facilities.
Together we will be able to assess all the sustainable proposals aimed at improving the current situation and adding value to their entire business.

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