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Regulatory updating

Sviluppi legislativi sempre sotto controllo

Regulatory Updating is the tool developed by Ecol Studio to help companies that want to be kept constantly informed, but also further explore and learn about legislative developments in Ecol Studio's areas of work, allowing them to seize the growth and sustainable development opportunities that certain documents and deeds are able to identify. Ongoing monitoring of the most authoritative sources promptly identifies key information for various business areas. The service may be customised according to the sectors in which the client company operates.

What is Regulatory Updating
Regular communication and access to a reserved area keep customers constantly updated on new legislation and relevant deadlines in their sector of interest. In their reserved area, users can view texts, in-depth information and related deadlines, perform searches, and download documents.

Benefits of Regulatory Updating
Ongoing and constant monitoring of regulatory framework together with the opportunity to gain knowledge of collateral initiatives on regulatory developments and of cross-cutting opportunities of interest for the company’s business (such as funds or incentives).

Basic version
The Basic Version of the Regulatory Update Service includes: the registration to the specific NewsBetter and the access to the Regulatory Update page in the My Ecol reserved area, to consult the texts, insights and related deadlines, do research, and carry out the download of documents. From this Basic Version we develop the higher Standard and Specification versions described below.

Standard version


  • Interpretation and consultancy on the implementation of current laws in force and related applicable legislation;
  • Reporting on every new law or variation approved by related relevant authorities;
  • Monthly summary of the documents published with the interpretation of the rules and the indication of the aspects involved and significant notes.

Specific version

Guarantees an even faster and more complete service because in addition to the items described in the Standard version, this version entails:

  • Delivery every two weeks of the interpretation of new laws, with an indication of the interested aspects, implementations envisioned, deadlines and other important information;
  • Consultancy for assessing the corporate context and specific implementations deriving from the entry into force of new laws, with indications on the actions to be taken;
  • Suggesting new interventions or analyses to be performed in order to fulfil all regulations governing the issue.

My Ecol

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From your reserved area you’ll be able to: view quotes, invoices and test reports and perform statistics on the trends of test results.

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