Many are the changes introduced during the last three months of past year, according to UE and Italian regulatory framework concerning paper and cardboard intended to be brought into contact with food (FCM).

Among the many news, we intend to highlight the most important, relevant or expected ones such as European Parliament Implementation (October 2016); the new DGCCRF document on paper and board; BfR Recommendation XXXVI, XXXVI/1, XXXVI/2, XXXVI/3 (November 2016); Plastics & Paper in Contact with Foodstuffs (P&P) conference by Smithers and Pira in Brussels (6th - 9th December 2016) and the 54th meeting of CEN/TC 172/WG 3 (14th October 2016).

Ecol Studio PaperNewsPaper (PNP) is an updating and in depth study service concerning UE and Italian framework concerning paper and cardboard intended to be brought into contact with food (FCM).

It’s a tool supporting companies growth and competitiveness providing the advantage of knowing ongoing changes on time, in such as very complex and dynamic regulatory environment. (PNP is available in Italian and English language)

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Ecol Studio PaperNewsPaper by the side of FCM regulatory framework to take new opportunities and face challenges!

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PaperNewsPaper is an userfriendly tool providing fundamental information for your business on time.

A continuos and a constant in-depth and updating service focused on European legislation with a special eye on paper and cardboard in contact with food (FCM). Daily monitoring all the most authoritative sources, PaperNewsPaper contributes improving your knowledge about technical and regulatory requirements that your products must comply with. That’s how you protect your brands and keep your consumers’ trust, preventing unpleasant events!

Ecol Studio PaperNewsPaper by the side of FCM regulatory framework to take new opportunities and face challenges!

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Services only provided “on site” at a time, are nowadays improved aiming to offer users an “online” use through access to reserved areas and dedicated platforms.
Ecol Studio too, in order to fulfill needs and demands of the market with more usefriendly and updated tools, has developed some services of this kind. My Ecol is the web space hosting them.

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to access the E-Learning platform, that many users already use to quickly and easily provide their personnel training or to use T-Alert,the best tool to manage training and refresher courses expiry dates, consult Regulatory Updates or take advantage of the potentialities of Paper-NewsPaper, the latest online service within the offer of Ecol Studio that will be on line starting from January 2017. Ask now! (For further information visit the links listed above).

What’s My Ecol?
It is a reserved area dedicated to customers daily working with us. It’s a private area to which the user can access through his own credentials displaying active services, customized information or important deadlines for his business always available and in line with strategies and corporate needs.

Why is My Ecol born?
My Ecol is the result of the will of Ecol Studio to offer more effective, specific and cutting edge services in relevant areas (Analisys, Consultancy and Training). It’s simple, useful and guarantees accurate and reliable answers based on expertise and professionalism, distinguishing our company since ever.
My Ecol speeds up and facilitates relationships with your clients and in the future will be soon able to interact with administrative softwares, in order to enable the consultation of documents such as invoices, test reports and everything that could be useful to improve customer satisfaction and fulfill different needs.

How to login to My Ecol?
You can access to My Ecol directly from the website www.ecolstudio.com, by selecting the dededicated section in main menu. Every user will have his own login and password.

Easy and intuitive
The main dashboard displays in one page all the online services offered by Ecol Studio. The user will recognise active services indicated by active buttons, while those not yet enabled will look like “off” buttons.
By clicking on a service you can check its features, ask for further information or login to take advantage of its potentialities.

Accessible at all times
My Ecol has a simple design and it’s possible to access and consult at all times.

Ecol Studio, aiming to protect the planet and sustainable development, has always been working in order to offer useful services to a concrete improvement of given corporate activities and to facilitate its clients everyday routine, fulfilling their needs.

My Ecol services contribute to make work easier, safer, compliant confirming Ecol Studio as you trust partner, even online!

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Ecomondo is the largest showcase in the Euro-Mediterranean area for advanced and sustainable technology for processing and recycling all kinds of waste. It’s the ideal place to meet Green and Circular Economy operators in order to understand how to generate sustainable value for both business and surrounding environment.

Ecol Studio  will partecipate with its own stand (located in pavilion B3, number 146) within the area of Assorecuperi - the italian association of businesses managing waste recycling to which the Tuscan laboratory belongs to for several years – presenting its offer in terms of services related to the Environment and Energy area.

Environmental protection and energy saving have always been important to Ecol Studio, not just as a responsibility towards the world and next generations, but mainly as an opportunity for businesses and organizations to realize plans and useful projects for the whole community.

Rule UNI EN 14001 is one of the hottest topics of this edition you could discuss about with our collaborators at the stand, concerning important news introduced by its latest Environmental Management System update, meeting new trends about companies impact on environment.
Referring to this new rule approach, Ecol Studio offers a brief but in-depth course to all the operators of environment management system to know what’s changed in detail.

This is just a taste of the services offered by Environment and Energy Division of Ecol Studio. For further information please download the pdf. For further details please contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We’ll be waiting for you at our stand Ecol Studio at Ecomondo, to discuss together about how to generate sustainable value, properly enhancing resources and waste and to help you understand what’s the route to follow according togreen and circular economy, both today and for the next twenty years.

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