After the success of "ITALIA LOVES SICUREZZA" of last 28 April, Ecol Studio is pleased to invite all its customers to the “Safety Leadership Event 2016”, the first experiential event dedicated to Health and Safety Leadership and Communication.

The event – organized by Fondazione LHS with the support of all the “Safety Ambassadors” like Ecol Studio – will be held in Bologna on October 18 and will be a real occasion to deal with experts and professionals about methods, tools and correct approach to communicate safety in an innovative and effective way in order to promote and build a solid HSE culture within the organization.

For further information or to subscribe please write an email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,providing name/s and surname/s of the people who will attend the event: enrolment will be on us!

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Latest legislative updates inspired Ecol Studio to design new specific products and services in order to support companies managing activities related to occupational health and safety. Please find below our products and innovative services designed for companies in detail.

1. T-Alert. Your ally for the management of training duration and validity

Recent legislative updates related to health and safety training in work places have set strict deadlines concerning updates frequency. Ecol Studio offers a specific product T-Alert, the best tool supporting the management of consultancy and training expiration dates, providing a related software.

T-Alert controls training expiration dates and automatically create programmable alerts and on-time updated reports regarding training plans. In addition the software manages data on a cloud platform returning them in an organized version easy to use and allowing to easily check the current state, draft reports – even regarding historical data - and set periodical customized automatic alerts.

Thanks to T-Alert the management of training plans will be efficient, complying with laws in force, avoiding any possible mistake and consequent penalties.

For further information about T-Alert please write us.



2. Training, Health and Safety: e-learning refresh course with a view to deadline set by the law

According to the law requirements, those who had followed a basic safety course between 2007 and 2012, have to follow a mandatory refresher course within 11 january 2017.

For this reason Ecol Studio designed an e-learning training offer to easily fulfil legal obligations in terms of refresher courses for workers, Android/IOS friendly (you can use it on many devices such as smartphone, tablet, etc.). Ecol Studio created 3 different types of e-learning courses offers, in order to meet companies and workers needs:

· Module 1: duration 3 hours. New regulatory and techniques knowledge about health and safety in work places, in-depth studies concerning safety management and organization in the company.

· Module 2: duration 3 hours. Organizational well-being, psychosocial risks and safe behaviour notions knowledge.

· Module 1+2: Duration 6 hours. Complete program.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. HLS Evolution. To a new Safety organizational culture.

With the innovative Program High Level Structure (HLS) – project in collaboration with Fondazione LHS - Ecol Studio supports companies that want to become leaders in managing Health and Safety aspects, influencing organizational and individual culture and workers behaviors in a shared and permanent way.  

HLS is a corporate development program that aims to introduce an evolution of safety culture and that directly involves Top Management as main protagonist of the improvement.

This educational path allows the company to totally and efficiently comply with Health and Safety requirements, to stimulate workers involvement and improvement feed back; to reduce related costs; to implement a cultural growth, enhancing the corporate image.




Next month,  from 19th to 21th Ecol Studio will exhibit at Bologna Ambiente Lavoro (Pavilion 36 Stand C14) to present its news, services and specific products for the continuous improvement of  business  processes and to promote occupational health and safety.  

Regulatory changes and ready-made answers regarding training and consultancy will be illustrated by our staff attending the fair. We will present three important detailed workshops on current topics.

More specifically, we will talk about: new ISO standards, discussing the recently introducted changes. 

We’ll deal with mandatory continuous updating deadlines  related to basic safety training within january 2017  and to their general management (duration and validity), introducing an innovative tool designed by Ecol Studio to support companies and  avoid mistakes. For further details.

We’ll talk about safety 4.0 and present a specif Programm “HLS Evolution”, an avant-garde  tool for the improvement of business processes.

For further information on workshops by Ecol Studio or to preregister (suitable because of limited availability ) click on the link to Ambiente Lavoro Fair page.






The International Exhibition of Paper Industry (MIAC) - that will be held in Lucca from 12 to 14 October -  is a great occasion to meet and compare with the leading companies in the sector and attend refresher courses; a full 3-days event promoting a wealth of business opportunities, exhibition and conferences.

It’s been 34 years since Ecol Studio started working in the paper industry sector as a supplier partner of excellence and can number more than 200 loyal customers in over 15 countries. At stand number 75 we’ll welcome you explaining our wide range of specific services and products, our latest training and business consulting offers designed to simplify clients every day activities, in every market.Save the date! This year Ecol Studio will partecipate to MIAC cycle of conferences as speaker, presenting its in-depth study entitled “Good Manufacturing Practice: more than a legal requirement, a competitive tool”. The presentation will be held in English language on Thursday, 13 October at 12.25 at MIAC conference room during the second session MIAC tissue conference.

MIAC 2016




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