The dedicated Ecol Studio division, strongly qualified in noise services


The Ecol Studio acoustics division results from the deep experience and know-how in this field of our company.  

The definition “Modulo Acustica” (Acoustics Module) gives friendly the wink at Modulo UNO, as a symbol of acoustics and vibration engineering born in Italy during the seventies and led by prominent personalities such as Guido Geppetti and Giuseppe Elia, who both left a mark in this field.

Mr Elia, Engineer and former President of the UNI Commission for Acoustics, works together with us coordinating the activities and the projects of this new division.

This field is constantly expanding and evolving: a dedicated and well-structured team will allow us to meet better the needs of the market, providing a wide range of services to both our loyal and potential customers.

Ecol Studio, partenership for leadership.

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Ecol Studio si esprime attraverso la sua immagine con un tono di voce misurato e professionale. Un atteggiamento pacato, ma nello stesso tempo deciso di chi sa bene cosa fare e come farlo.
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