A new Corporate Identity for Ecol Studio


Through its corporate image, Ecol Studio expresses itself with a professional measured tone. A gentle but firm approach of someone who knows what to do and how.

So, even our Corporate image was rivised in its communication style and in different shades of colour:

a new distinguishing  colour palette ispired by soft and natural colours, reminding  the sustainable and ethical code we follow (please check our Corporate and Training Brochure).

Starting from the leaf - included in our logo - we  developed a strong identity- giving design in order to represent how we carry on our ethical value and share it with our collaborators and partners.

The leaf reminds us that we are part of Nature and that we will grow together with the companies who rely on us and with all those who will come in contact with us.

This new clean and simple style represents our transparency and our capacity to provide appropriate solutions in a responsible way.

This graphic design reflects how Ecol Studio is currently growing.

We reached a significance payoff that shortly explains how we feel today and how we want the market to know us.

Ideally, we would each of you to feel like a leaf belonging to a big evergreen tree, contributing to make it leafy and healthy.

 Ecol Studio, partenership for leadership.

Download the new corporate brochure 2017

Ecol Studio si esprime attraverso la sua immagine con un tono di voce misurato e professionale. Un atteggiamento pacato, ma nello stesso tempo deciso di chi sa bene cosa fare e come farlo.

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