TISSUE WORLD: Ecol Studio proposes ad hoc products and services for the paper sector in order to have ... all your papers in order!

Compliance of the materials and articles intended to come in contact with foodstuffs (FCMs): from legislative obligation to competitive advantage

Ecol Studio, specialised in laboratory analyses, consultancy and training, for thirty-five years an international reference point for the world of paper, offers innovative solutions and reliable tests to manufacture products and implement processes compliant with the increasingly complex standards required, in line with current norms in force.

The specific competences and long-standing experience in the field of paper and cardboard characterise Ecol Studio and orient its way of doing research and development. Daily in contact with this market, the company is capable of anticipating events, having a wider vision of legislative trends in this particular field, perceiving facilities’ most concrete daily needs and consequently proposing distinctive, highly effective services for the entire production value chain.

The Lucca company with 8 sites in central Italy, supports its customers in the attainment of the desired, binding quality so that they are facilitated in answering the requests of their sphere of business and of the competent authorities, capable of consolidating their brand in relation to the stakeholders, bringing about improvements in terms of time, costs and effectiveness. Because the growth of every passes through corporate quality standards.

Recent Italian legislative developments (NB: Sanctions Decree, Legislative Decree of 10 February 2017, no. 29 published on the Italian Official Journal on 18 March 2017, in force since the beginning of April), introduce specific administrative monetary sanctions of up to 80thousand euro, establish the institution of a register of FCMs economic traders and an increase in controls by the competent authorities. All this makes being informed, updated, prepared and in good standing extremely important, and the introduction in the company of an efficient instrument to keep abreast of norms and legislature together with a structured GMP system can constitute a winning card. Download the "PENALTIES DECREE" flyer.

Ecol Studio Paper NewsPaper (PNP) is the service for companies involved in the paper industry to keep abreast of present and past European legislation and that of the member states in the realm of FCMs. Launched at the beginning of this year, it has received strong approval by those operators who are already using it. “It allows us to be always updated and compliant.” PNP is a valuable and useful instrument for in-depth analysis that in simple, clear, prompt and constant fashion, provides foundational information for the paper business field, offering the competitive advantage of knowing the legislative changes in course, facilitating daily activities, safeguarding the brand and fostering company growth in a complex and very dynamic context.“In the course of these months, the PNP experts have clarified some aspects of the new norms and their specific applications that were not crystal clear, proving to be competent, reliable and efficient.”

The Team of experts at Ecol Studio consistently takes part in international activities dealing with in-depth analyses in the realm of FCMs (meetings, conferences, seminars and work groups) and is capable of guaranteeing the accuracy and continuous updating of this information as well as knowing in advance how things are changing and what could happen next. Thanks to its knowhow, it can provide specific consultancy for the field, a true competitive advantage for many companies.

In reference to the recent norm developments, Ecol Studio’s Product Quality department is available to implement, maintain or adapt GMP systems and assist companies - belonging to every field and to every FCMs production, converting and distribution phase - as far as any requests that the competent authorities may have (for example, information for instituting the FCMs register of economic traders or in the event of audits), through gap analysis services, analytical assessments of the finished products, structured, customised training courses and everything that could be useful based on the needs of the individual production realm.

So be ready and... with all your papers in order!

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