MICROSOFT SAM Certification for Ecol Studio

During the last months Ecol Studio S.p.A. voluntarily decided to take part to a Microsoft project called SAM (Software Asset Management). .

SAM is a set of proven IT practices including management and optimization of corporate software licensing purchase, allocation, maintenance, use and disposal.
The implementation of SAM has followed subsequent steps such as providing Microsoft with corporate inventory and photographic evidences of PC authentication certificates, software licences and servers located both in our headquarters in Lucca and Fornoli.
This procedure has helped us to identify Ecolstudio’s softwares and where they are used, understanding if they are efficiently used avoiding lacks and waste. .
The final result was excellent!

Microsoft increased the rating of Ecol Studio S.p.A and released us its SAM certification, valid for 18 months, certifyimg that the softwares in use and related licences are original, adequate and do not violate the terms but comply with current standards, protecting us form legal risks.




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