1st Ecol Studio’s Sales Meeting

The customers’ needs and specific services to fulfill them.

Ecol Studio has recently held a Sales Meeting at its headquarters in Lucca (20-21st February 2017) , the first of a series of meetings.

A two days intense training event attended by Ecol Studio collaborators belonging to different Business Areas (consultants and specialists) and the sales force of its different locations. The purpose of the event was to get everybody on the same page about effective business and marketing strategies , sales techniques and market approach, customers’ needs recognition and fulfillment according to specific requirements.

“Achieving greater awareness about what sets us apart and focusing on new synergies and opportunities is extremely important at this stage and after the initiatives of last year to align all our collaborators. With these words Mr. Claudio Fornari - Ecol Studio CFO – starts the meeting.

“Events like this are moreover a concrete occasion to focus on customer satisfaction, our corporate mission main aim.”

Sales force and collaborators belonging to different areas meet everyday market and operational clients’ requirements, receive peculiar requests; for this reason they must be able to provide best satisfactory responses, submit suitable proposals, offer efficient solutions and effective services, always focusing on clients’ objective needs.

This event, reaffirming the reasons why customers choose Ecol Studio, pointed out its features such as the constant support of the customer and a high responsiveness to his needs as well as keeping promises regarding response time and design along with an innovative approach that leads the Company to a steady implementation of its offer with value – added services and products.


“We are going to repeat this experience for sure, ” says the owner, “ continuos training, skills growth and strengthening professionalism of our employees, specialisation on markets and services and obviously focus on customer’s needs, this it’s what sets Ecol Studio apart and makes it not a mere supplier but a real partner for a sustainable development.”




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