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Safer and healthier work environments are also more productive.

Ecol Studio promotes the development of a culture of prevention and supports companies with the goal of preventing occupational accidents and diseases and to ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of workers and of the entire organisation. It helps companies comply with laws and regulatory obligations by avoiding sanctions, and implementing organisation and management models, integrated with production processes that support business continuity.


Environmental protection and efficient energy management are key success factors.

Ecol Studio assists companies to ensure that they comply with environmental regulations and improve their green and energy performance. Drawing on its experience in the management of authorisation procedures, it supports companies during this delicate process by monitoring and respecting delivery times and submission of paperwork. It handles the entire process directly, thanks to an internal multidisciplinary approach, and liaises in advance with the competent bodies.


Brand growth passes through corporate quality standards.

Ecol Studio offers innovative solutions and reliable tests to create products and implement processes in compliance with increasingly complex standards and constantly evolving legislation. Our experts in the field of Food Contact Materials (FCM) support companies, helping them achieve desired and mandatory quality levels. This makes it easier for them to respond to the demands of the supply chain and to consolidate their brand towards stakeholders, leading to an improvement in terms of time, costs and effectiveness.



  1. Specialisation

    • Specialisation of personnel with specific skills and experience in a determined area and service.
    • Specialisation for markets with in-depth knowledge of the entire supply chain including any production and distribution criticalities typical of client companies.

  2. Trust

    • We respect delivery times and guarantee reliable results.
    • Our services respond to the needs expressed by the company.

  3. Customer focus

    • Constant monitoring of the company, assisted by a personal and dedicated customer manager.
    • Provision of bespoke, high value-added innovative services, beyond the standards.
    • Constantly available, high-level contact thanks to a strong and present Management.

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