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Food Contact Materials

The legislative framework that regulates suitability for food contact is highly complex and is regularly amended.

Being familiar with the correct instructions for the production, processing and distribution of FCM, Food Contact Materials, is not always easy. Companies throughout the supply chain often struggle to get a clear vision of the violations listed in the many Italian and EU regulations, and closer examination of the technical application and reference rules for specific individual cases is often necessary.

Our FCM specialised consulting, ranging from paper and cardboard to plastic materials and food machines, examines the solutions and methods for applying legal requirements and provides indications on how to behave and be well prepared for compliance. An investment of this kind is a winning strategic choice for companies.

Consultants and laboratory technicians belonging to the AIBO National Professional Association - Food Contact Expert, constantly keep themselves abreast with sector legislation. They work in close cooperation, sharing expertise and knowledge to offer highly effective services.

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