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Machine Safety

Following major technological and commercial changes, together with a significant increase in the number of machines launched on the EU market, the European Parliament felt the need to regularise this sector by supplementing and modifying certain aspects through a Directive of key significance.
Manufacturers and Employers must ensure compliance of the machinery in their facilities and consequently the safety of their workers and of consumers operating in contact with various kinds of machinery according to Article 70 of Italian Leg. Decree 81/08, the Consolidated Safety Act and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

On the one hand, focus needs to be placed on the protection of workers and consumers and on the risk of injury caused by the use of non-compliant machinery. On the other, manufacturers and employers also need to be protected from incurring in very strict sanctions in the event of accidents or situations of non-compliance.

Implementing a development plan in line with European legislation and national regulations is essential to set the objective of observing the principle of safety integration. This will guarantee the protection of workers and ensure efficient, compliant and entirely safe production continuity.

Our consultants have specific technical skills in this field and are able to assist companies to ensure their procedures are in full keeping with requirements. They offer a value-added service that does not suggest WHAT to do but HOW to achieve compliance by identifying the most effective solution according to each individual issue

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