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Funding management. Planning and managing the reporting of Inter-professional Fund training plans.

Training is a tool for growth that has a serious impact on companies’ budgets.
In actual fact, it is possible to receive even total funding for training through inter-professional funds.

Inter-professional funds are associative entities that seek to promote training activities for employed workers.

All companies may join the inter-professional funds and finance their training plans, on any topic.

What are the benefits?

Companies need to train their staff, whether this means delivering mandatory, ccupational health and safety courses provided for by law, or organising training activities that respond to a specific need.

Ecol Studio is the right partner for assisting companies during the management stages of their training plans: registration, use and approval.

The Ecol Studio Training team helps companies take all the necessary steps to manage training plans financed through Inter-professional Funds. It supports all those who wish to make corporate training an opportunity for growth and a competitive advantage for their company.

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