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Fostering a culture of corporate safety through a project for the mapping of business skills ensures the promotion of skills, knowledge, awareness, responsibility, communication and participation.

The project for the Mapping of business skills helps to define the tools needed to check training effectiveness with a strategic approach and so improve health, safety and working conditions.

Why this project?

To make sure that all members of staff have the skills and knowledge specific for their job duties and for the area in which they operate, such as to ensure health and safety at work.

How is it carried out?

Through mapping activities aimed at identifying any training GAPS and through an action PLAN developed to solve any deviations from the standards required by the company.

The project is divided into several operating phases:


  1. Classification of workers

    The work team classifies the job tasks covered by the mapping, with reference to the company’s production areas, related risks and any “special HSE tasks”.
    Classification is achieved by analysing the company’s organisational structure, by interviewing HSE and HR contact persons and by examining organisation charts, job descriptions, etc.
    This allows all employees to be classified, taking into account their task, production area of belonging and their safety and prevention role.

  2. Definition of “target skills”

    During this phase, “target skills” are defined for the areas of competence identified together with the company, such as general legislation, specific risks, equipment and behaviour.
    These target skills are cross-checked with the previous employee classification.
    Skills matrices are created by role and task referring to the various production areas.

  3. Development of Assessment Tools

    Once the roles and target skills have been defined, Assessment tools will be developed.
    At the same time, assessment grids will be designed to ensure that outgoing skill levels are aligned with company standards.

  4. Assessment

  5. An e-learning platform compatible with mobile devices will be used for the Assessment activities.
    All employees will receive instructions on how to connect to the platform, log in and fill out their test by a certain date.
    It will be essential to reach all employees through the e-learning platform.
    The mapping of personnel with respect to their role and task will be completed, according to the skills expected by the company.

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