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HLS Safety 4.0

Health and safety risks are related to culture and behaviour.
Becoming a leader in health and safety management is a growth driver for every company.
The HLS security 4.0 project has an impact on the organisational and individual culture and behaviour of all corporate staff in a widespread, shared and permanent manner.

Implementing the «Safety 4.0» project will allow companies to receive more reports and feedback, greater involvement of people and full compliance and efficiency, as well as greater awareness towards occupational health and safety issues.

Health&Safety costs will drop resulting in ongoing improvement of your H&S and personnel management system with consequent corporate image enhancement.

The course comprises various stages:


  1. Safety Check

    During the first phase, the company’s H&S structure is analysed on a Regulatory, Systemic and Operating level.
    At the same time, a Compliance Map will be developed to assess the current management and application of Health and Safety issues and the «desired situation» in the company.

  2. Preparatory activities

    A team will be set up which will work on aligning the company’s Health&Safety system in order to reach Total Compliance, and on preparing the Workshop for Top Management.

  3. Workshop

    This activity is directed at Management and includes the definition of the company’s Safety Vision, the Safety Leader’s must-have skills, analysis of the dynamics that lead to potentially hazardous behaviour, and analysis of useful tools and techniques to handle unsafe behaviour.

  4. Mapping of Safety Leader’s skills

  5. Practical tools will be developed to evaluate behavioural skills and will be provided to managers to measure any deviation from the must-have skills.
    The Ecol Studio e-learning platform, or other business tool, will then be implemented for execution of the Assessment.

  6. Gap Analysis and Training Plan

    This phase includes Gap Analysis statistics for each Manager and each skill.
    A training plan will then be developed aimed at bridging any Gaps and ensuring that every Manager becomes a Safety Leader.
    Lastly, training activities will be planned and performed.

  7. Five Stars and Safety Ticket

    Managers will organise meetings to make all workers aware of the cultural changes the company is undergoing.
    Brief training sessions will provide all company personnel with tools for handling threats, i.e. unsafe behaviour and hazardous situations, at all levels, and for strengthening opportunities (safe behaviour) in order to effectively spread a Health and Safety culture throughout the company.
    Five Stars
    Tool for promoting effective actions both in the event of unsafe behaviour and for strengthening safe behaviour, through 5 passages.
    Safety Ticket
    System for tracing the reporting of unsafe behaviour and situations (threats) and safe behaviour and situations (opportunities) with the possible proposal of suggestions and solutions for improvement.

  8. Follow-Up

    After 6 or 12 months from the implementation of the Project, the statistics on the accidents, near-misses and reporting received will be analysed, highlighting the improvements reached through the implementation of the Project.
    A corporate Convention will be organised to illustrate the results. A Safety Gift will be delivered to all those who over the 6/12 months have promoted safe behaviour (through Five Stars) and has reported hazardous situations together with a proposal for improvement (through Safety Ticket).

  9. Maintaining effectiveness

    A "logbook" will be set up for Safety Leaders who must enter the successes and disappointments encountered in applying the Programme.
    Weekly visits to departments will be organised by the Safety Leaders to strengthen their presence on the field. They will obtain feedback from front-line staff in order to find operating solutions for the company’s ongoing improvement.
    Lastly, a corporate Safety Day must be established to share Project results. A Safety Gift will be delivered on an annual basis.

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