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Training in safe driving. Better performance... More safety!

The safety of employees on the road is not always guaranteed, and the cost of logistics is often a budget item with an impact on companies.
With this training, you will learn notions that will improve safety as well as road performance so as to reduce accidents and costs.

Learning the best driving techniques is essential for greater safety on the roads. Being able to perfectly control your vehicle guarantees appropriate performance and correct driving behaviour at all times.

What are the benefits?

The objective of the course is to transmit the correct driving techniques to improve road performance and safety with particular reference to:

  • reducing the risk of accidents

  • reducing the risk of accidents during the journey

  • reducing stress related to driving

  • increasing safety by adopting safe driving principles

The programme is divided into two different modules, theoretical and practical, each lasting 4 hours.


  • Duration 4 hour;
  • correct driving position;
  • use of controls;
  • notions of understeer and oversteer;
  • correct trajectory settings in bends;
  • effects of load transfers on vehicle dynamics.


  • Duration 4 hours;
  • emergency stops and braking;
  • emergency operation to avoid obstacles;
  • controlling the loss of vehicle stability;
  • driving in slippery conditions.


  • Cars;
  • 4x4s;
  • Vans;
  • working resources;
  • heavy duty vehicles.

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