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Workshop, Seminars and Safety Day

Every year Ecol Studio designs and organizes various training activities dedicated to current issues in line with the regulatory changes useful to sensitize users on aspects of Health and Safety, Environment and Product Quality. Many of these events can be organized on request or in collaboration with associations, customers and foundations. Here a small overview of recent events.


Waste on the Road Workshop

Throughout 2018, we have organised a number of free travelling workshops on waste classification, meeting the needs of companies that have been operating in a climate of uncertainty and difficulty.
Starting from February 2018, Ecol Studio has organised a series of free events around Italy, to offer companies a specific and up-to-date overview of regulatory changes.
Practical cases have also been presented to provide details on the use of the regulations.
During each event, an hour was reserved for answering any questions from the audience.
View our events calendar to find the next scheduled dates.


Events within the “Italia Loves Sicurezza” (“Italy Loves Safety”) circuit
Since 2016

Drawing on its longstanding commitment to health and safety, Ecol Studio immediately embraced the annual initiative of the LHS association.
Since 2016, a number of completely free events have been organised to raise awareness in the community and in companies on the delicate issue of occupational health and safety.

The “Leadership in safety” workshop was organised in Lucca in 2016 aimed at achieving a cultural change in companies with regard to Health and Safety.
The same workshop was replicated in Turin in 2017. A workshop was organised in Lucca together with the Lazzareschi Foundation, which used practical exercises, obstruction techniques and first aid techniques, also for children, to explain how: “It is easy to save a life, if you know how to do it!”.

A theatrical performance staged by RossoLevante was organised in the same year together with Obiettivo Zero. The event was then repeated again in 2018 in Padua.

In 2018, the “Imparare a guidare… Sicuramente!” (“Learning to drive ... Safely!”) Workshop was organised in Lucca together with Efficient Driving.
Interactive quizzes were used to explain the driving techniques essential for greater road safety.


FCMs SEMINAR “SANCTIONS DECREE” Italian Leg. Decree no. 29/2017. Let’s see where we’re at!

In 2017, two free specialist seminars were organised on FCMs (Food Contact Materials), one in Lucca and one in Bologna.

A tangible and in-depth analysis of the breaches listed in Italian Leg. Decree 29/2017 was performed during the meetings by examining relevant legislation from a technical viewpoint. The workshop explained how to address the new decree and how to be ready at any time. Correct instructions for the production, processing and distribution of FCMs (Food Contact Materials) were also provided.

The solutions and methods for applying the law were illustrated and indications were given on how to behave in order to comply with regulatory requirements and turn them into a competitive advantage for the Company.


Safety Day: alternative Health and Safety training activities

A day entirely dedicated to the in-depth training of selected topics in the field of health and safety.
During a meeting held at one of our clients’ premises, we organised a safe driving course and an NLP course related to safety.
This interactive and innovative training activity dealt with a delicate subject, custom made for each individual client.


WORKSHOP: “The new UNI EN ISO 14001:2015”standard

Lucca, 18 November 2016

The workshop analysed standard UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015, focusing on the new features introduced in the 2015 version.
Various aspects of the standard were analysed during the event, such as the organisation’s context, leadership, planning and support.
Finally, all the steps required for assessing performance were introduced with the aim to achieve ongoing improvement.
The workshop also offered participants the opportunity to see real operational tools for the application of the standard in companies.



Thursday 29 October 2015 Milan, in collaboration with Assocarta and Assografici

The workshop covered issues such as GMP in FCMs production, the regulatory framework, case histories and operational tools, offering a practical and proactive approach. The training event dealt with paper and cardboard, but also other materials such as plastics and food machines.

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