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Letter to our Partners

Dear All,

How can we be useful to our company and others, now that we are forced to minimize opportunities to meet customers, employees and partners? I often find myself thinking about this in these truly surreal days, and I'm sure you've asked yourself similar questions. I am also sure about something else too: it will pass, like every human event, this will all blow over.

We'll soon have everything back to normal, and it will be an opportunity for a new fresh start.

This period, characterised by isolation and separation, will naturally select the most resilient, that is, those who have managed to convert change into opportunity in the shortest possible time. This is true for both individuals and businesses.

For the next few months, many will play a ‘defensive game’ until the situation improves, but it is impossible to win a game purely through the defence – ask any footballer!

There is one other very important thing to consider.
The Covid-19 emergency, whilst terrible, has provided is a real opportunity because it has provided everyone with a rare and precious resource, which until yesterday we could only get at a high price – Time!
Time to think more deeply about the things we are doing, time to do things we could not normally do and time to plan for the future. It is precisely this that will lay the foundation for our future success. The way we decide to use this sudden and current surplus of time will play a significant role in shaping the future success of our organisations.

Like a fisherman who stays ashore during winter storms to upgrade the structure of his boat and repair nets, it is now the time to "find safe harbour" and carry out a complete check-up, repairing what works less well and investing in our strengths. Only then will we be ready to get back out at sea at the right time.

The good season will return soon, it will be time again to set sail to the wind of recovery and growth. The first to set sail, the readiest, will be those who will maintain a competitive advantage over the others for years to come.

Where will you be then?
When the storm passes, where will you be? On the quayside, among those ready and waiting to set sail, or among those who will still be in the workshop repairing the damage from earlier years.

At Ecol Studio we know how to act because for nearly 40 years we have been used to intervening in emergencies, helping our partners to solve unexpected problems. This has made us true professionals in prevention: we are a team of experienced helmsmen accustomed to storms, able to work in bad weather when everything seems to blow in the wrong direction.

Our experience teaches us: this is no time to sit on your hands and here's what we can do together, right now!

To survive your company needs a little, what Americans refer to as, TLC. In business TLC means:


Ecol Studio training is also e-learning: all mandatory and non-compulsory courses for workers, supervisors and managers on health and safety in the workplace are just a 24-hour click away. Also, thanks to Skype Business and Microsoft Teams, we can create virtual classroom courses on demand.



In compliance with the current emergency regulations, the extensive territorial coverage of our offices allows us to carry out sampling and analytical tests on the samples we receive in the central laboratory of Lucca. We can, therefore, guarantee your company all the testing services!



Your trusted HSE consultant is always available, you can count on him as every day by contacting him at any time even remotely. Together, we will be able to analyse your business thanks to effective check-lists, with which we will identify weaknesses and strengths and understand how to act to make us ready for the recovery, before and better than others.


As many of my fellow Italians are saying “Tutto andrà bene” or “Everything will be fine” and Ecol Studio will be there to support your business throughout!

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