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The ideal partner for the Paper & Board supply chain

Ecol Studio is one of the leading organisations specialising in testing, consultancy and training for the Paper and Board sector, in particular for FCMs (Food Contact Materials and Articles).

For over 36 years Ecol Studio has been working with the paper industry, serving more than 200 clients across Europe. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the entire paper supply chain, our expert technical staff are able to propose added-value solutions that meet the needs of the business operators.

The competence of Ecol Studio staff ensures access both to current and upcoming regulations, thus offering to the Client considerable competitive advantage to protect the brand identity and to encourage a sustainable business growth.

Our Services


  • Testing of Food Contact Materials and Articles according to European, national and international regulations and standards
  • Overall and specific migration tests
  • Screening and identification of NIAS (Non Intentionally Added Sustances)
  • Microbiological and sensory testing
  • Assessment according to art. 3 Reg. (CE) n.1935/2004
  • Toys Safety testing according to Directive 2009/48/EC and EN 71
  • Testing safety of products intended to come in contact with the skin (Sanitary Papers)
  • Accredited Laboratory for all required tests for awarding and maintenance of EU Ecolabel for tissue paper products, and other ecological quality labels
  • Compostability, biodegradability and recyclability tests


  • Assessment of substances in Positive Lists of different legislations
  • Development of cost efficient test plans for your portfolio
  • Assessment of FCMs’ raw material documentation from suppliers (under NDA if necessary)
  • FCMs’ labelling and Declaration of Compliance review
  • Gap Analysis according to Good Manufacturing Practice Reg. (CE) n.2023/2006 and voluntary standards (such as BRC, IFS)
  • Implementation and maintenance of the GMP and other voluntary Product Safety Standards systems
  • Supply chain auditing according to regulatory and voluntary Product Safety Standards
  • PaperNewsPaper legislative review of the latest European and national legislation for Paper & Board, as well as a look forward to upcoming regulations and trends


  • Training sessions on technical and regulatory topics

PaperNewsPaper is a focus on European Legislation for the paper industry.
A specific regulatory update on FCMs (Food Contact Materials).

PaperNewsPaper is a user-friendly tool providing fundamental information for your business in clear, simple and useful fashion. A sistematic in-depth service about European legislation with a special focus on paper and cardboard in contact with food (FCM).

By monitoring on a daily basis all the most authoritative sources, PaperNewsPaper contributes to improving your knowledge about the technical and regulatory requirements that your products must comply with, because tracking the regulatory developments has an impact on managing your business. But looking forward has an impact on making strategies for your business, that is why PaperNewsPaper is a great way to protect your brands and keep your customers’ trust, by preventing potential issues arising.

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The Ecol Studio labs

Ecol Studio's laboratories are equipped with advanced instrumentation and innovative technologies. Thanks to specialised professionals, we are able to ensure reliable results in a short time and meet the different needs of our customers.



Chemical and microbiological analyses on paper products produced and marketed in Italy and abroad in compliance with Italian and other EU member States’ regulations in order to asses safety and conformity for all types of industry and for large-scale distribution. In the in-depth and specific know-how on paper and cardboard articles and on the manufacturing processes lets our staff be aware of peculiarities and criticalities. Our technicians are members of UNI's technical committee "CARTA" are present in the italian industry association ASSOCARTA and have chaired several ECOLABEL technical committees in the EU.


Specific tests to assess and investigate possible packaging-food interactions at any stage of the production and distribution processes and food machinery. Highly-trained technicians, who mostly are members of the National Professional Association AIBO - Food Contact Expert, carry out the tests according to mandatory regulations and customized testing plans. They deal constantly with the Risk Assessment based on the real conditions of use of the product, with the technology of materials and the information coming from Industry and the international warning system.

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